Ingredients :

12 nos - Lamb rib chops, large
1 tsp - Ginger powder
1 tsp - Cayenne pepper
4 nos - Cardamom, black
2 nos - Cardamoms, green
2 nos - Cinnamon sticks
6 nos - Cloves
2 nos - Bay leaves (Tez patta)
1 piece of mace (or grated nutmeg)
2 Tbsp - Fennel seeds
1 ltr - Milk
1 Cup - Yoghurt (Beaten)
Besan batter (made from besan and water)
Ghee per requiremene (Clarified Butter)
Salt to taste

Cooking Instructions :

- Flatten chops, tie spices in a muslin/cheesecloth bag, heat the milk.
- Add meat and the bag of spices to the milk and simmer until liquid evaporates and chops are tender.
- Dip each chop in beaten yoghurt, then dip in batter, then fry on both sides in ghee.
Serve. (Some like to rub garlic on the chops before dipping.)


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